TD Toronto Dominion Bank

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27 +50%
97 +56%
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27 +59%
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Nearby keywords: ameritrade x11 account x5 nice x2 bought x2 had x2 buy x2 options x2 thinkorswim x2 stocks x2 fidelity x2 letters x1 room x1 talking x1 savings x1 accounts x1
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Nearby keywords: ameritrade x7 account x3 bought x2 nice x2 letters x1 fidelity x1 trade x1 talking x1 re x1 boiler x1 room x1 inverse x1 exactly x1 doesnt x1 ah x1
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During the last 24H TD (Toronto Dominion Bank) was mentioned 19 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 19 different users.
Toronto Dominion Bank received 45% positive comments versus 55% negative comments.
Most comonly the TD ticker was associated with the keywords: "ameritrade","account","bought","nice","letters"