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45 +18%
193 +10%
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46 +28%
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Nearby keywords: like x6 actually x3 next x3 stupid x3 worked x2 right x2 lol x2 up x2 definitely x2 yeah x2 works x2 astrology x2 down x2 out x2 goalpost x1
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Nearby keywords: like x6 next x3 actually x3 stupid x3 astrology x2 works x2 right x2 worked x2 yeah x2 definitely x2 lol x2 down x2 bears x1 bulls x1 battling x1
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TA mentions on WSB (last 24h)
During the last 24H TA (TravelCenters of America) was mentioned 41 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 42 different users.
TravelCenters of America received 40% positive comments versus 60% negative comments.
Most comonly the TA ticker was associated with the keywords: "like","next","actually","stupid","astrology"