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14 -7%
59 -24%
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15 -6%
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Nearby keywords: index x3 than x3 cap x2 ratio x2 rather x2 buy x2 up x2 nasdaq x2 stocks x2 nmy x1 portfolio x1 fxaix x1 large x1 exp x1 dividends x1
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Nearby keywords: predicting x1 business x1 performance x1 alone x1 well x1 supported x1 dump x1 yolo x1 etf x1 semiconductor x1 cap x1 makes x1 up x1 crazy x1 part x1
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During the last 24H SP (SP Plus Corporation ) was mentioned 3 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 4 different users.
SP Plus Corporation received 75% positive comments versus 25% negative comments.
Most comonly the SP ticker was associated with the keywords: "predicting","business","performance","alone","well"