SBNY Signature Bank

SBNY Overall Summary (last 24h)
10 -33%
217 +119%
mentioning users
10 -29%
SBNY Overall Sentiment
Nearby keywords: sivb x4 signature x3 bank x3 frc x2 financial x2 guess x1 extreme x1 lot x1 investments x1 svib x1 around x1 billion x1 great x1 crisis x1 friend x1
SBNY Sentiment on WSB
Not enough data to calculate a sentiment
Nearby keywords: bank x2 frc x2 signature x2 sivb x2 billion x1 regarded x1 friend x1 margins x1 doubled x1 valley x1 around x1 cash x1 secure x1 puts x1 failed x1
SBNY Overall mentions (last 24h)
SBNY mentions on WSB (last 24h)
During the last 24H SBNY (Signature Bank ) was mentioned 6 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 7 different users.
Signature Bank received 33% positive comments versus 67% negative comments.
Most comonly the SBNY ticker was associated with the keywords: "bank","frc","signature","sivb","billion"