OR Osisko Gold Royalties

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7 -61%
28 -28%
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8 -56%
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Nearby keywords: sell x2 science x1 mooning x1 surprise x1 merger x1 fanduel x1 nationwide x1 legal x1 sports x1 betting x1 title x1 amd x1 sinking x1 monday x1 content x1
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Nearby keywords: science x1 law x1 medicine x1 yolo x1 options x1 shit x1 together x1 green x1 monday x1 else x1 title x1 amd x1 mooning x1 sinking x1 content x1
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During the last 24H OR (Osisko Gold Royalties ) was mentioned 2 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 3 different users.
Osisko Gold Royalties received 38% positive comments versus 62% negative comments.
Most comonly the OR ticker was associated with the keywords: "science","law","medicine","yolo","options"