JPM JPMorgan Chase

JPM Overall Summary (last 24h)
7 -50%
26 -93%
mentioning users
7 -46%
JPM Overall Sentiment
Nearby keywords: savings x2 market x2 gs x2 thinking x2 putting x2 markets x2 emerging x2 during x1 crash x1 put x1 money x1 ipo x1 dirt x1 amzn x1 amd x1
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Not enough data to calculate a sentiment
Nearby keywords: ipo x1 syndicate x1 mainly x1 gs x2 backstopping x1 fall x1 yesterday x1 movement x1 ubs x1 etc x1 every x1
JPM Overall mentions (last 24h)
JPM mentions on WSB (last 24h)
During the last 24H JPM (JPMorgan Chase) was mentioned 1 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 2 different users.
JPMorgan Chase received 25% positive comments versus 75% negative comments.
Most comonly the JPM ticker was associated with the keywords: "ipo","syndicate","mainly","gs","backstopping"