GM General Motors

GM Overall Summary (last 24h)
13 +44%
165 +931%
mentioning users
12 +20%
GM Overall Sentiment
Nearby keywords: ford x6 negative x3 delivered x2 vw x2 quarter x2 around x1 behind x1 imo x1 volumes x1 low x1 demand x1 better x1 than x1 mach x1 trucks x1
GM Sentiment on WSB
Not enough data to calculate a sentiment
Nearby keywords: negative x3 ford x3 quarter x2 car x1 had x1 mach x1 extrembly x1 lightning x1 tesla x1 never x1 model x1 delivered x1 around x1 vw x1 extremely x1
GM Overall mentions (last 24h)
GM mentions on WSB (last 24h)
During the last 24H GM (General Motors) was mentioned 8 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 7 different users.
General Motors received 25% positive comments versus 75% negative comments.
Most comonly the GM ticker was associated with the keywords: "negative","ford","quarter","car","had"