GLD SSgA Active Trust - SSgA SPDR Gold Shares

GLD Overall Summary (last 24h)
9 -18%
3 -90%
mentioning users
4 -56%
GLD Overall Sentiment
Nearby keywords: spy x3 qqq x3 during x2 calls x2 look x2 option x2 premiums x2 puts x2 past x2 cheap x2 otm x2 selling x2 short x2 term x2 swinging x1
GLD Sentiment on WSB
Nearby keywords: eow x1 sold x1 iv x1 rank x1 approaching x1 indicates x1 might x1 cover x1 puts x2 eod x1 continues x1 bulls x1 rugged x1 crazy x1 nipo x1
GLD Overall mentions (last 24h)
GLD mentions on WSB (last 24h)
During the last 24H GLD (SSgA Active Trust - SSgA SPDR Gold Shares) was mentioned 4 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 2 different users.
SSgA Active Trust - SSgA SPDR Gold Shares received 33% positive comments versus 67% negative comments.
Most comonly the GLD ticker was associated with the keywords: "eow","sold","iv","rank","approaching"