DO Diamond Offshore Drilling

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16 +700%
17 -64%
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17 +467%
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Nearby keywords: sell x5 money x2 lot x2 retire x1 say x1 look x1 invest x1 put x1 book x1 supposedly x1 psychology x1 whatever x1 nbsp x1 polls x1 comments x1
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Nearby keywords: sell x5 lot x2 look x1 whatever x1 nbsp x1 polls x1 comments x1 say x1 anything x1 own x1 don x1 need x1 money x1 ll x1 happy x1
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During the last 24H DO (Diamond Offshore Drilling) was mentioned 10 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 11 different users.
Diamond Offshore Drilling received 25% positive comments versus 75% negative comments.
Most comonly the DO ticker was associated with the keywords: "sell","lot","look","whatever","nbsp"