CLOV Clover Health Investments

CLOV Overall Summary (last 24h)
10 -82%
51 -65%
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11 -78%
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Nearby keywords: wish x3 sdc x2 still x1 holiday x1 guys x1 buying x1 yolos x1 else x1 mean x1 moon x1 unemployed x1 etc x1 bots x1 them x1 pump x1
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Nearby keywords: wish x2 sdc x2 fucking x1 bots x1 bb x1 bbb x1 dumb x1 such x1 portfolio x1 lost x1 bad x1 talks x1 behind x1 them x1 pump x1
CLOV Overall mentions (last 24h)
CLOV mentions on WSB (last 24h)
During the last 24H CLOV (Clover Health Investments) was mentioned 7 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 8 different users.
Clover Health Investments received 58% positive comments versus 42% negative comments.
Most comonly the CLOV ticker was associated with the keywords: "wish","sdc","fucking","bots","bb"