BBBY Bed Bath & Beyond

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14 +1,300%
168 +2,000%
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10 +400%
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Nearby keywords: more x2 title x2 don x2 calls x2 buyback x2 ownership x2 gme x2 amc x2 force x1 sound x1 com x1 print x1 comments x1 rz x1 ues x1
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Nearby keywords: buyback x2 title x2 more x2 calls x2 ownership x2 easily x1 thesis x1 comments x1 rz x1 print x1 ues x1 bbby x1 due x1 seeing x1 dd x1
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During the last 24H BBBY (Bed Bath & Beyond) was mentioned 11 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 9 different users.
Bed Bath & Beyond received 100% positive comments versus 0% negative comments.
Most comonly the BBBY ticker was associated with the keywords: "buyback","title","more","calls","ownership"