BBBY Bed Bath & Beyond

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154 +157%
1,256 +283%
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109 +148%
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Nearby keywords: bankruptcy x9 before x9 title x7 right x7 gme x6 bet x6 pm x6 out x6 sub x6 short x6 bankrupt x6 bought x5 new x5 stock x5 weeks x5
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Nearby keywords: before x9 bet x6 bankruptcy x5 pm x5 declare x4 weeks x4 megathread x3 bought x3 jan x3 apes x3 bath x2 please x2 issues x2 remind x2 past x2
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During the last 24H BBBY (Bed Bath & Beyond) was mentioned 61 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 45 different users.
Bed Bath & Beyond received 51% positive comments versus 49% negative comments.
Most comonly the BBBY ticker was associated with the keywords: "before","bet","bankruptcy","pm","declare"