AT Atlantic Power Corporation

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21 +5%
151 +387%
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13 +18%
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Nearby keywords: walter x4 up x4 futures x3 bloomberg x3 least x3 cents x3 bbl x3 settle x3 crude x3 first x3 oil x3 year x2 squawk x2 deitaone x2 last x2
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Nearby keywords: walter x4 up x4 least x3 crude x3 futures x3 settle x3 first x3 bbl x3 cents x3 bloomberg x3 squawk x2 oil x2 deitaone x2 last x2 twitter x2
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During the last 24H AT (Atlantic Power Corporation ) was mentioned 14 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 6 different users.
Atlantic Power Corporation received 57% positive comments versus 43% negative comments.
Most comonly the AT ticker was associated with the keywords: "walter","up","least","crude","futures"