AT Atlantic Power Corporation

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12 +71%
32 +14%
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12 +71%
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Nearby keywords: work x2 lmao x1 given x1 strike x1 expiration x1 call x1 weekend x1 why x1 tf x1 discovery x1 iphone x1 sales x1 vz x1 stay x1 mobile x1
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Nearby keywords: lmao x1 comment x1 both x1 puts x1 down x1 penny x1 free x1 last x1 least x1 isn x1 stay x1 over x1 strike x1 expiration x1 call x1
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During the last 24H AT (Atlantic Power Corporation ) was mentioned 7 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 8 different users.
Atlantic Power Corporation received 33% positive comments versus 67% negative comments.
Most comonly the AT ticker was associated with the keywords: "lmao","comment","both","puts","down"