AG First Majestic Silver

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13 +8%
255 +177%
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10 +43%
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Nearby keywords: group x2 silver x2 buy x2 good x2 anleihe x2 ubs x2 why x1 unsecured x1 ch x1 fucking x1 starts x1 report x1 office x1 discussion x1 ratings x1
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Nearby keywords: anleihe x2 silver x2 group x2 buy x2 good x2 ubs x2 thank x1 senior x1 unsecured x1 changes x1 why x1 drop x1 discussion x1 miners x1 bde x1
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During the last 24H AG (First Majestic Silver ) was mentioned 9 times on WallstreetBets by a total of 8 different users.
First Majestic Silver received 83% positive comments versus 17% negative comments.
Most comonly the AG ticker was associated with the keywords: "anleihe","silver","group","buy","good"